Conductor-Piano: Matt Gallagher

Guitars: Alec Berlin

Pedal Steel: Skip Krevins

Bass: Skip Ward

​Drums: Shannon Ford

​Vocals: Allison Case, Janet Krupin, Happy McPartlin and Kathleen Monteleone

Charity Angel Dawson records "We Believe in Love" with the help of a fantastic ensemble

Jacob Ming-Trent performs "My Problem Right There" from ​Hands on a Hardbody​

Conductor-Piano: Matt Gallagher

Guitar: Mike Aarons

Cello: Peter Sachon and Jennifer Baxmeyer

Arrangements: Gallagher & Yandura

Orchestrations: Gallagher

Original cast albums...

​​Betsy Wolfe performs "Waving Through a Window"

from Dear Evan Hansen​​


I served as Producer of this debut album for Voices of Gotham, a top-ranked men's chorus in Manhattan.

I worked closely with Adam as a co-composer and keyboardist on his second album.

​​​Matt Gallagher

I played piano on this one; my very first band!

In performance

Performing for the President of the United States

And a few more favorites...